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UK immigration Consultants: What to expect from a consultation with us.

Unlock Your British Dreams! Use Professional UK immigration consultants for Hassle-Free Visa consultations. Get Expert Guidance Today!

Immigration adviser UK Understand the Purpose of using UK immigration consultants and Learn what you should expect from Visa Consultation?

If your circumstances aren't straightforward or seem complex, you probably would benefit from a consultation. Consultations are an overview of your current application needs based on immigration law in UK. You'll be able to discuss at length what your application concerns are and find a way forward that will help you achieve your visa application needs when using our immigration advisor UK services. Seeking professional advice early can save you a lot of time and expense as an Immigration adviser will be able to tell you if there are any eligibility concerns you need to be aware of from the start. Lots of our consultation Clients who decide to process their own visas have used our Application Checking Service too when processing their own visa application.

Immigration consultant discussing a clients visa needs with them
Professional guidance on Immigration Law UK from UK Immigration consultants

Prepare to see our UK Immigration consultant?

When using our Immigration advice services you will need to gather relevant documents and evidence relating to your immigration status. A consultation with us lasts a minimum of 1 hour which you can attend in person or remotely by video conference call which ever you prefer. To get the most out of your appointment with us we recommend you consider identifying your specific immigration goals and concerns. We also recommend researching the immigration lawyer you will see. Learn all about Marc our Immigration adviser by following the link.

Making Initial contact and scheduling a consultation

Consultations are provided on an appointment only basis because we will need some basic information from you before we can set up your consultation with you. To schedule an appointment complete our form by providing your full name, Telephone number, email address and brief description of your immigration enquiry.

Information & Documentation

Any documentation provided to our UK immigration consultants is considered private & confidential we take your privacy seriously and you'll be able to discuss freely and privately all your application concerns and needs with our Immigration adviser Marc. If you need too you can share with us by email in advance of your appointment any supporting documents you want to discuss at your appointment. Documents should only be sent to us by email or you're welcome to bring any original documents with you to our appointment.

What's covered at the appointment

A lot of immigration areas are normally discussed at our appointments which includes:

Detailed discussion of your individual circumstances

Reviewing eligibility of your immigration options

Identifying potential areas of concern

Explore your Immigration options by discussing various possible categories

Analyse application categories & criteria whilst identifying suitable pathways

Providing legal advice and strategy explaining the rules & regulations

Providing guidance on the best course of action

Help you develop an Immigration strategy & road map to move forward

Address concerns clarify doubts, queries, discuss potential issues and provide solutions

Discuss the application process step-by-step covering required forms, documents, timelines, fees and application processes.

Follow up actions & support for recommendations moving forward, referrals to other professionals if necessary providing continued support throughout the immigration process.

Marc has over 18 years experience in immigration law UK processing applications with the Home office. He specialises in Spouse visa submissions , indefinite leave to remain and Citizenship applications to name a few of the family application routes he processes.

Read enough? We understand that navigating the application process can be complex, and we are here to assist you every step of the way. Our immigration specialist, Marc, is ready to help you get started on your application process promptly and effectively.

To initiate the process, please reach out to us through the contact form on our website or provide us with your contact details on Chat!, and Marc will be in touch with you shortly.

What's the cost?

We charge on a fixed fee basis, should we require more time with you in identifying which immigration service you need we'll do so at no additional cost.

Our Consultations cost £250 for a one-off appointment with Marc. At the end of your appointment, you'll receive a quote to process and represent you on spouse visa application for example.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an immigration consultation guarantee a successful outcome?

We cant guarantee a successful outcome at a consultation, but we can confirm based on the documentation you provide us if you are likely to meet all the eligibility requirements under a particular application route. Once you have appointed us to represent you we can further advise on what we can do to help you meet any areas outstanding so a successful application outcome can be achieved once all eligibility criteria has been met.

How long does an immigration consultation usually last?

Our consultations typically last 1 hour however should we require more time with you to identify which immigration service you need we'll do so at no additional cost.

Can I bring a family member or interpreter to the consultation?

Yes, you're welcome to bring anyone else with you

What happens after the immigration consultation?

You will receive a quote from us to process your application for you, should you appoint us as your legal representative within 10 days of your appointment we'll also deduct the cost of your consultation from our processing charge.


Let's get your immigration journey started together

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Albert Porterfield
Albert Porterfield

A consultation with an Immigration Consultant is a two-way process. Be prepared to ask questions, discuss concerns, and actively participate in the planning of your immigration journey.

Marc Gibson
Marc Gibson

Of course the point of a consultation is to help you create a road map you can then implement either with or without my support.

all the best Marc Gibson

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