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Introduction of UKVI eVisa digital immigration system

Updated: May 9

The UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) Home Office yesterday started advancing its plan to modernize the UK border by introducing a digital immigration system, it aims to implement e-Visas for nearly all visa holders living in the UK by 2025.

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Advancing Towards a eVisa Digital Immigration System

The implementation of the UKVI eVisa system commenced on April 17, 2024, marking a pivotal moment in the history of UK border control. The Home Office begin sending emails to individuals with physical immigration documents, known as biometric residence permits (BRPs), inviting them to create a UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) account to access their eVisa, a digital proof of their immigration status. These invitations will be issued gradually before opening to all BRP holders over the summer of 2024.

Table of Contents


1. Strengthening UK Security Measures

The introduction of eVisa's is strategically designed to enhance UK security by mitigating the risks associated with physical documents, including fraud, loss, and misuse. By transitioning to a digital platform, the UKVI aims to fortify border security while providing a more secure means of verifying visa holder’s immigration status.

2. Seamless Transition for eVisa Holders

One of the key advantages of the eVisa's system is its user-friendly nature. Visa holders can effortlessly create a UKVI account to access their digital visas, with no alteration to their current immigration status or rights in the UK. This streamlined process ensures a smooth transition for individuals accustomed to traditional paper documentation.

3. Ministerial Endorsement

Tom Pursglove MP, Minister for Legal Migration and the Border, has underscored the importance of this digital transformation in bolstering border control measures. The Minister emphasized the role of eVisa's in preventing abuse of the immigration system, enhancing security, and delivering cost savings for taxpayers.

4. Benefits of eVisa's

The adoption of eVisa's offers a multitude of benefits for both the public and visa holders alike. Enhanced security measures ensure that eVisa's cannot be lost, stolen, or tampered with, providing peace of mind for individuals and authorities alike. Moreover, eVisa's offer unparalleled accessibility, allowing visa holders to manage their data efficiently and promptly update the Home Office with any changes or new information.

5. Secure Verification Process

An eVisa is securely linked to the holder's unique biometric information, similar to a BRP or Biometric Residence Card (BRC), thereby minimizing the risk of identity fraud. Visa holders can conveniently verify their immigration status through a secure online service provided on the official GOV.UK website. 

6. Phased Transition and Expired Documents

The transition to eVisa's is being phased in gradually, with most physical documents such as BRPs or BRCs set to expire by the end of 2024. Existing eVisa holders are not required to take any action during this transition but are encouraged to keep their UKVI accounts updated with any personal information changes.

7. Future of Immigration Documentation

As part of the broader transformation of the UK border and immigration system, physical immigration documents will be phased out entirely by 2025. This shift towards a fully digital system is poised to enhance security, reduce costs, and provide greater convenience for both visa holders and status checkers.

8. Streamlined Travel Procedures

Holders of eVisa's are encouraged to inform the Home Office about any passports they intend to use for travel via the online "Update your UK Visas and Immigration account details" service on GOV.UK. This proactive approach helps minimize travel delays and ensures a seamless experience for travellers.

9. Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) Scheme

In conjunction with the introduction of eVisa's, the UK government has launched the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) scheme. This innovative program enables pre-travel screening, thereby enhancing the UK's ability to prevent potential threats from entering the country.

10. Conclusion

The introduction of the UKVI eVisa’s digital immigration system marks a significant milestone in the evolution of border control and immigration procedures. By embracing digitalization, the UKVI is not only enhancing security measures but also streamlining processes for visa holders and authorities alike. With its emphasis on accessibility, security, and efficiency, the eVisa system sets a new standard for immigration management in the digital age.

FAQs: Answering Your Burning Questions

Q: What is an e-Visa? A: An e-Visa is an electronic travel document that allows foreign nationals to enter UK for tourism, business, medical treatment, or other longer term purposes.

Q: How does an e-Visa work? A: To obtain an e-Visa, travellers need to apply online through the UKVI government website. After completing the application and paying the required fee, the e-Visa is electronically linked to the traveller's passport or travel document.

Q: What are the benefits of using an e-Visa? A: e-Visas offer convenience and efficiency as travellers can apply from anywhere with an internet connection. They also reduce processing times compared to traditional visa application methods.

Q: Is an e-Visa the same as a traditional visa? A: Both serve the same purpose of authorizing entry into the UK, e-Visas are obtained and processed entirely online, whereas traditional visas often require paper applications and visits to visa application centres.

Q: How long does it take to get an e-Visa? A: Processing times for e-Visas vary depending on the category of visa being issued. Typically, it can take anywhere up to 60 working days depending on the category being applied under.

Q: What information is required to apply for an e-Visa? A: Applicants typically need to provide personal details such as their full name, date of birth, passport information, travel itinerary, and sometimes additional documentation such as a passport-sized photo or proof of accommodation. Check out our entry clearance guides

Q: Can I apply for an e-Visa if I have a criminal record? A: UK like most other countries has its own eligibility criteria for e-Visas, and having a criminal record may affect your application. Get in touch if you need help to apply

Q: Can I extend an e-Visa if my travel plans change? A: It depends on the visa category you enter the UK. Temporary evisa's are only issued for up to 6 months, where other evisa categories like married partners are issued for longer 33 months.

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Please note immigration requirements do vary depending on your category and individual circumstances. Therefore, seeking professional advice to ensure that you have the most accurate and up-to-date information is key. We recommend consulting the official UK government sources or seek professional advice to ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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