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Our Visa Services

MYG LTD - Immigration is the perfect company for processing different types of UK visas including Family Visas & British Citizenship. With over 17 years of experience in dealing with the UKVI, We understand the need to gain specialized processing experience to understand the painstaking intricacies of applying for a visa, or apply for indefinite leave to remain or obtain naturalisation. With our support you can be rest assured your submission will be processed with the strictest attention to detail ensuring a successful outcome is achieved on your behalf.

Apply UK Visa

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Gay Family
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Unless you are able to travel to the UK freely using a VOA (Visa On Arrival) Our Services provide comprehensive advice on all visitor & other visa routes to the UK such as a commonwealth citizen looking at long-term solutions or someone needing help to find their biometric information using a SAR request. Being an experienced adviser Marc can help you navigate the complexities of the UK visa system and ensure you obtain the correct visa for your specific needs. He will help you understand the requirements and provide assistance in completing your submission process regardless if its a Tourist or another type of submission.
Categories include:
Family visitors
- Marriage visas
- Short study course
- High Potential individual visa
- Youth mobility scheme
Business visitor visas
- Visitor visas
- Private medical visas 
- Sports visas
- Entertainer visas​
Ancestry visa for UK
- Bereaved partner

Our Ethics:

At MYG LTD, Marc will ensure all clients receive the best service possible. With over 17 years of experience, he has a deep understanding of migration & legal process including the various pathways available. He strives to provide clients with the most up-to-date information and advice, so they can make informed decisions about their needs. Being dedicated to helping his clients find the best solution to fit their circumstances.

Our Visa Consultant

Marc Gibson MYG LTD Immigration adviser

For more than 17 years, MYG LTD, founded by Marc, has been providing exceptional visa services to help his clients better understand their visa requirements & status whilst helping clients navigate the complex visa process entirely from start to finish. From acquiring an ancestral entry clearance visa to gaining Indefinite Leave to Remain and eventually becoming British Citizen, Marc provides his clients with a highly personalised service to make sure his clients receive the best outcome possible.

Working with you

Visual map of how we represent our clients on visa application work

Visit our working with you page. MYG LTD understands the importance of having an Immigration adviser who is invested in your success. Our initial contact process lays out the foundation for a successful relationship between us, ensuring you are comfortable with the application process we follow and that we have demonstrated a clear understanding of your visa needs. We believe in investing in our clients, so we can provide you with the best possible legal representation. Marc Gibson our Immigration adviser will work on your behalf, keeping you informed along the way and ensuring that all necessary steps have been taken to achieve the successful outcome you deserve. So when you receive your visa, we will be there with you to celebrate in your success with you.


Our fees and what they cost

At MYG LTD, we believe in transparency when it comes to explaining to our clients what our service fees are. All our fees are charged on a fixed basis, so there are no hidden costs to incur. We also confirm in advance what the overall costs will be breaking down all associated application costs relating to your Home Office application fees, including Immigration Health Insurance costs, including any additional service fees such as translation costs, or added value fees if you want your application expedited so your fully aware from the very beginning of your visa  application process what costs you will incur.

Getting in touch

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If you need advice on any immigration matters for UK visa application, please get in touch with Marc our legal expert. Marc is available to help you with any enquiries you may have on any UK visa application you need help with. Marc is an experienced immigration adviser and can provide support and advice to you in a timely manner. If you have an urgent enquiry and need support quickly, we can help. Please use the "Let's Chat!" box or complete our enquiry form and our Immigration adviser Marc will be happy to help you and assess your Application needs with you. If necessary set up a Consultation and see Marc 1-2-1 to go through your visa application needs in detail and set you on the right path to a successful submission. For more information or to book a consultation with him, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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