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Immigration experts UK: Helping you complete UK Visa Application Form?

Updated: May 22

Complete Guide to Full Legal Representation: Everything You Need to Know

A complete step-by-step guide – About how we process visa applications

Navigating UK Visa Form can be complex and challenging process. Many visa applications fail due to premature submission, but this can be avoided by following standardized procedures recognized by UK Visa & Immigration. Seeking the right advice is crucial for a positive visa decision.

1st Step: Free UK Visa Application Form Assessment

The first step is to undergo a free assessment, which typically lasts up to 20 minutes. During this assessment, I will gather information about your visa needs, including any past immigration history. I will clarify your circumstances and identify potential areas of concern that require attention before submission. By the end of our call, I will provide you with a quote via email.

Our Quotation Paper Work
Copy of Our Quote Paperwork

2nd Step: Appointing Me as Your Legal Representative

After we have completed or schedule an appointment to initially discuss your UK visa requirements, you will receive an email containing the following:

  • Visa processing Quote: This quote is based on my recommended application route and confirms that I will act as your representative. It also specifies all the necessary documentation I will need to start your formal assessment process.

  • Introduction letter: This letter confirms the services and packages I offer.

  • Visa services and how they work: The letter provides detailed information on how I represent my clients during the application process.

  • Authority Letter to represent: This is my appointment letter.

  • General Immigration information form: You will be asked to fill out a personal information form.

Once you return the required paperwork, I will create your electronic application case file and provide you with a written application assessment.

Application Process Illustration
Illustration of application process

3rd Step: Application Assessment & Submission

Your electronic application case file will contain a scanned copy of your entire application bundle, including all supporting documents and correspondence. This file will be prepared for submission. Before submitting your visa, I will provide you with a detailed written assessment report. This report serves as a roadmap for your application and includes the following:

  • Outline of your immigration history

  • Overview of your personal circumstances

  • Explanation of the applicable rules for your case

  • Identification of areas where you may not meet the requirements

  • Proposed solutions for meeting any requirements you don't currently fulfil

  • Confirmation of any additional evidence or documentation required before submission

The report will also list all the additional evidence or documentation needed to complete your application.

illustration of time
illustration of time taken on visa application

4th Step: Application Processing Time

The processing time for visa applications can vary depending on the level of scrutiny applied by UKVI and their capacity at the time of application. Priority services are available for certain application routes, such as Spouse & Family visas, but these services may involve additional charges.

Let's get your application started. Click here to begin.

Upon receiving back the illustrated paperwork demonstrated above. I will set up your electronic application case file and proved you with a written application assessment.

For in formation about our other services visit our Fees page


The information provided above is a general guide and does not constitute legal advice. Visa application procedures and processing times are subject to change. It is recommended to contact me directly for a personalized assessment and assistance.


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