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MYG LTD - Immigration

Specialist in UK Immigration Services

We specialize in providing comprehensive legal advice to UK nationals and overseas nationals who wish to bring their spouses, civil partners, and unmarried partners to live in the United Kingdom. Our dedicated consultant, Marc Gibson, is highly experienced in providing expert immigration services to citizens of the UK who require support in applying for their partners to join them. Marc is well-versed in the intricacies of the UK Visa regulations and can provide tailored legal advice for Partners, Indefinite leave to remain, and Citizenship as UK national. Marc as your guide, you can trust he will navigate you through the complex migration journey with expertise and care. His goal is to help bring you and your loved ones together in the United Kingdom.

Marc works closely with clients to understand your situation and provide the necessary support you need. Marc specialises in supporting spouse applications, becoming a settled resident and Naturalisation to become a UK  National. To get in touch use our enquiry form.

 Solutions into:

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Marc at the helm of our immigration law firm, he understands submitting a UKVI online application can be complex and challenging to navigate, especially when applying for biometric residence permit or under any other route to the United Kingdom. He recognizes the importance of having support and guidance from an experienced immgration adviser to assist you. That's why he's committed to providing a fast, impartial, professional, and affordable solutions to individuals of any nationality.

With over 18 years of experience, our trusted immigration services adviser, offers reliable submission solutions. His expertise and knowledge are aimed at making the entire process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Regardless of your circumstances, Marc is dedicated to helping you through the process and ensuring you receive the necessary guidance and support. Whether you are applying to renew your biometric resident permits, or looking for help to make an Ancestral visa to UK, or even apply for Partner, Work, Student, permanent resident or any other UK Visa types. Marc is here to provide the assistance you need. His goal is to ensure your submission is prepared accurately, efficiently to increase your chances of success.

We understand that each case is unique, and we are committed to providing personalized support tailored to your specific situation. Marc is ready to assist you and guide you through the entire process, making it a seamless experience. For further information or to discuss your specific immigration services needs, contact us directly on our contact form.

Application resources & content 

Marc takes pride in being the perfect choice for individuals seeking reliable and personalized representation for their immigration submissions to the United Kingdom. Understanding that every client has unique needs, he offers three different levels of support to cater to all needs.


Consultations are designed to assist you in creating your own roadmap. During these consultations, we provide valuable guidance and insights to help you navigate the immigration process effectively. With his expert help, you can confidently prepare and submit your own application, ensuring a higher likelihood of success.

For those who prefer a more comprehensive approach, Marc offers comprehensive Application Checking Service. He will meticulously review your requirements before submission, ensuring all documents and information are accurate and complete. Undertaking a thorough review significantly increases the chances of your application being processed successfully.

Our most comprehensive package is our full submission package, using his extensive expertise and knowledge of the immigration services process, Marc takes charge of the entire process on your behalf. Entrusting him with your submission, you can alleviate the stress and uncertainties associated with the process. He'll provide you with a clear roadmap to a successful outcome, handling all the necessary steps and requirements for you.


No matter which level of support you choose, he's  dedicated to ensure your case is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our goal is to simplify the process and maximize your chances of a positive outcome. If you're seeking a reliable and personalized approach to enter the United Kingdom. His tailored packages and expertise makes him the ideal choice.

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and let us guide you towards a successful outcome. Get in touch via our enquiry form

What We Do

Our Immigration Resource Services. 

Our consultant, Marc a UK national originally from Scotland provides comprehensive immigration services to anyone requiring assistance to enter the United Kingdom. He, is a specialist immigration services adviser, and sole practitioner providing expert advisory support to help make your journey to living and settling in the United Kingdom as smooth and stress free as possible.


Marc has extensive knowledge of the Immigration system and is passionate about helping people navigate the complex web of the UKVI guidance. Marc has produced a selection of helpful posts & articles so you will better understand the most common UK routes. His posts are designed to give you a better understanding of each route including the requirements you need to meet, what you need to demonstrate to show you met the eligibility requirements when applying. 

Marc's understanding of the complexities and nuances of the UK immigration rules & regulatory system. Has lead him to produce tailored support to individuals, their relatives and businesses to help them navigate the ever-changing UK imigration rules. By providing comprehensive advisory support on all aspects of the process, including what financial requirements are associated to each route, how long you can stay and if the route naturally progresses onto Indefinite Leave to Remain. Marc recognises each clients situation is unique and no two cases are the same, which is why he offers bespoke support to meet your individual needs.

Our Ethics:

At MYG LTD, Marc will ensure all clients receive the best solution possible. With over 18 years of experience, he has a deep understanding of UK legal process including the various pathways available to enter the UK. He strives to provide clients with the most up-to-date information and support, so they can make informed decisions about their visa needs. Marc is dedicated to helping his clients find the best possible solution to fit their personal circumstances.

Marc Gibson MYG LTD Consultant

For more than 18 years, MYG LTD, founded by Marc, has been providing exceptional advisory support to help his clients when applying to come to the United Kingdom. Whilst helping his clients navigate the complex immigration process entirely from start to finish. For example when applying for a spouse visa through entry clearance to gaining Indefinite Leave to Remain and finally becoming a UK Citizen through Naturalisation, Marc provides his clients with a highly personalised approach to make sure his clients receive the best possible outcome.

Visual map of how we represent our clients on visa application work

See our working with you webpage. Marc understands the importance of providing quality immigration services and being invested in your success when applying. Our initial contact process lays out the foundation for a successful relationship between us, ensuring you are comfortable with the process Marc follows and that he has demonstrated a clear understanding of your immigration services needs. Marc believes in investing in his clients, so he can provide you with the best possible legal representation to achieve the outcome you require. Marc when working on your behalf, will keep you informed along the way and ensure all necessary steps have been taken to achieve the successful outcome you deserve. So when your granted entry or leave to remain, Marc will be there with you to celebrate in your success with you.

Our fees and what they cost

At MYG LTD, we believe in transparency when it comes to explaining to our clients what our costs are. All our fees are charged on a fixed basis, so there are no hidden costs to incur. We also confirm in advance what the overall costs will be breaking down all associated costs relating to your Home Office fees, including Immigration Health Insurance costs, as well as any additional costs such as translation fees, or added value fees if you want your visa expedited so your fully aware from the very beginning what costs you will incur.

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If you need support on any immigration services matter, please get in touch with Marc. Marc is available to help you with any enquiries you may have with your immigration services  needs. Marc is an experienced consultant and can provide support and assistance to you in a timely manner. If you have an urgent enquiry and need support quickly, he can help. Please use our "Let's Chat!" box or complete our enquiry form so Marc can start helping you and give you the support you need. If necessary he can set up a Consultation to see you on 1-2-1 basis and go through your immigration needs in detail and set you on the right path in applying and receive a successful outcome. To book a consultation with Marc, please complete our enquiry form via contact form

Gizelia Barroso, Wiltshire UK.

Marc was extremely helpful, professional, knowledgeable making Immigration process less stressful. I highly recommend Marc to anyone needing help with immigration issues.
5* google review 

Candice Winkelman, Wiltshire UK.

Marc is excellent! I cant recommend him enough. My submission was approved in only a few short weeks thanks to Marc.
5* google review

Anthonia Okokon, Bristol UK.

I used Marc for my UK skilled Worker visa and I couldn't recommend him more. He is very knowledgeable about the entire process; what's required and what's not and his knowledge and experience put me at ease.
5* google review
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