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What you need to know about UK Spouse visa financial requirements.

Updated: May 9

UK spouse visa requirements & UK partner visa requirements.

Today's topic covers Appendix FM income threshold. I will be undertaking a deep dive into what you need to consider when applying for a spouse visa regarding your finances.

UK Partner visa Income Thresholds

If you're planning to apply and want a successful UK visa application it's important to understand the income thresholds set by the UK government. Meeting this criteria is crucial for a successful outcome, you will need to demonstrate you can adequately maintain yourself in the UK without the need to access public funds.

To demonstrate this you need to show you have met the application criteria under Appendix FM.

Here's what you need to know:

1. Minimum Income Threshold

To be eligible to sponsor a foreign partner for a UK marriage Visa, the UK sponsor must meet a minimum income threshold. As of May 2023, the minimum income threshold is £18,600 per year. However, depending on your personal circumstances and if you have child or other dependents to account for this amount will be higher depending on the number of additional dependents you're sponsoring.

2. Income Sources

The income can come from various sources, which includes employment income, self-employment income, rental income, dividends, or pension payments. It's important to provide documentation which evidences your income sources in a consistent and reliable format that meets or exceeds the minimum threshold under Appendix FM.

3. Financial Evidence

You'll need to provide supporting documentation to prove your financial capacity. This typically includes:

  • All employment documentation demonstrating your income

  • Bank statements showing regular income deposits

  • Tax documents, such as tax returns and assessments

  • Proof of any additional income sources, like rental income or dividends

The financial threshold can be evidenced through one of the following 5 categories:

Category A & B: Employment income or variable employment income

Category C: Non-employment income

Category D: Cash Savings

Category E: Pension income

Category F & G: Last full financial year or average of last 2 full financial years

Read enough? We understand that navigating the visa application process can be complex, and we are here to assist you every step of the way. Our immigration specialist, Marc, is ready to help you get started on your visa application process promptly and effectively.

To initiate the process, please reach out to us through the contact form on our website or provide us with your contact details on Chat!, and Marc will be in touch with you shortly.

4. Exceptions and Exemptions

There are some exceptions and exemptions such as:

  • Children in the Relationship: If you have dependent children applying with you, the income threshold increases from £18,600. To include an additional £3,800 for the first child and £2,400 for each additional child.

  • Disability or Exceptional Circumstances: If you or your partner have a disability or there are exceptional circumstances, the financial requirement may be waived and your application will be assessed under ‘adequate maintenance’. You'll need to provide evidence and detailed explanations to support your case.

5. meeting the financial requirements through ‘adequate maintenance’

When your partner has a long term illness or disability and is in receipt of any of the benefits or allowances in the UK provided through the Department of Work & Pensions, then you may be eligible to apply under "adequate maintenance" through appendix FM instead. To demonstrate “adequate maintenance” you will need to provide evidence of illness or disability rather than demonstrating you meet the minimum income threshold requirements under Appendix FM.

6. Alternative Income Options

If you don't meet the minimum income threshold through your own income, there are alternative options to satisfy the criteria:

  • Cash Savings: If you have substantial savings, you may be able to rely on them instead of meeting the income threshold. These savings must have been held for at least six months in your name or your partner's name.

  • Combination of Income and Savings: You can combine your income and savings. However, the savings portion cannot exceed 50% of the total requirement.

7. Sources of income you can't use

There are a few sources of income which can't be used as evidence, such as third party support, Cash gifts, in some circumstances income from others who live in the same household, Loans and credit facilities, some income-related benefits, unemployment benefits, Tax credits and other benefits.

8. Proving Adequate Maintenance

In addition to meeting the financial requirement, you must also demonstrate that you can adequately maintain yourself, your partner, and any dependent children without recourse to public funds. This includes providing evidence of suitable accommodation and access to necessary healthcare.


Understanding the financial criteria for a UK Spouse Visa is crucial when preparing your application. Ensure you meet the minimum income threshold, gather the necessary financial evidence, and consider alternative options if needed.

How our Immigration adviser can help you

Marc prides himself on being friendly, approachable and professional in meeting his clients’ needs, he is dedicated to providing clear and reliable immigration advice to his clients when providing his UK Spouse Visa Application Service.

Marc Gibson is our registered immigration adviser who specialises in supporting British Citizens & Settled nationals bring their foreign national spouses to the UK to relocate from overseas. Marc has supported on hundreds of successful UK Spouse Visa applications. Whether you require a consultation to come to grips with UK Spouse visa fees and application submission process regarding a UK Spouse Visa, or your interested in using his visa application checking service to professional review and assess your application before submission or use his application submission service to prepare, submit and represent on your Spouse Visa application with you, Marc can help.

Appendix FM financial requirements are particularly complex and include mandatory requirements in terms of the documentary evidence needed to demonstrate you can for fill the requirements of a UK Spouse visa application. Our immigration adviser specialises in assisting married couples with complex financial circumstances complete and submit successful Spouse applications.

"I'm acutely aware of the complexity of UKVI Appendix FM guidance relating to UK Spouse visa application requirements and I regularly assist clients to navigate these complex application requirements on their behalf". – Marc Gibson Registered Immigration adviser.

If you find the above information overwhelming and need assistance I can help.

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