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Navigating the Path of Immigration: How to Find the Perfect Immigration Advice Lawyer

Updated: May 9

Welcome to MYG Ltd - Immigration advice news

I. What to look for when seeking an Immigration Adviser near me

My name is Marc Gibson, I have over 18 years of experience helping people find Immigration solutions to either continue staying in the UK or enter for the first time. My aim since I became an immigration adviser has always been to bring people together through an effective immigration process I founded MYG LTD in 2005 and I've been practising as a legal adviser offering UK Visa Services since 2002.

Marc Gibson - Owner / Registered Immigration Adviser
MYG LTD - (Marc Gibson) Immigration Lawyers & Advisers

In today's interconnected world, immigration has become a significant aspect of many people's lives. Whether you are seeking to reunite with family, pursue new career opportunities, or experience a different culture, the process of immigration can be complex and overwhelming.

A. Understanding the Role of an Immigration Adviser

An immigration adviser can help you in almost all circumstances. There professional skills offer invaluable guidance and support throughout the immigration process, ensuring a smooth and successful application submission.

My comprehensive guide, I'll explore the key considerations when seeking out immigration advisers, how the research process should be undertaken, how to evaluate credibility, managing expectations when handling complex cases, and much more. By the end of my guide, you will be well-equipped to find the perfect immigration adviser near you and embark on your immigration journey with confidence and understand why hundreds of my previous clients have recommended my services to there friends and family but more importantly why they keep coming back to me time and time again to support them through there journey to settling in the UK.

B. Benefits of Hiring a Professional Immigration Adviser

II. Key Considerations When Seeking Immigration Advisers

A. Accreditation and Licensing

B. Expertise in Specific Immigration Categories

C. Languages Spoken

D. Location and Accessibility

Before choosing an immigration adviser, it is important to assess their qualifications and credentials. All Immigration Lawyers, Solicitors, Barristers and Advisers must be accredited by recognized regulatory bodies and licensed to practice immigration law. All Organisations based in the UK with have a registration number with an approved regulatory body such as OISC, RSA, BSB Additionally, consider their expertise in specific immigration categories that align with your needs. If you speak a language other than English, finding an adviser who speaks your native language can facilitate better communication, however this doesn't necessarily mean you will receive best practise from them, as a recommended adviser with a good client reputation generally works better for both client and representative in the greater scheme of things. Other factors to consider is an adviser's location and accessibility for in-person consultations, as proximity can be beneficial during the immigration process. However since COVID-19 ended remote representation has become common practice using video conference calls, email and is equally effective with the right adviser.

III. Researching Immigration Advisers Near You

A. Using Web Directories and Search Engines

B. Recommendations from Friends and Family

C. Checking with Professional Associations

Utilize web directories and search engines to compile a list of immigration advisers near you. Consider seeking recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have previously worked with immigration advisers. Professional associations, such as the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), and The Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA) can also help you find a reputable adviser if location is an important consideration for you.

We our regulated by OISC, were also members of ILPA who offer training programmes and other immigration resources to support lawyers and advisers stay current within there specialism.

IV. Assessing the Reputation and Credibility of Advisers

A. Reading Online Reviews and Testimonials

B. Verifying Credentials and Accreditation

C. Checking for Any Disciplinary Actions or Complaints

Research online reviews and testimonials to gauge the experiences of previous clients with the advisers on your list. Verify their credentials and accreditation with relevant authorities to ensure their legitimacy. Check for any disciplinary actions or complaints against the advisers to identify potential red flags.

We ask all our clients once there application process has completed to review our services on Google you can find all of our Testimonials & reviews via Google Maps

V. Initial Inquiries with Shortlisted Advisers

A. Preparing Questions for the Consultation

B. Discussing Fees and Service Packages

C. Evaluating Communication Skills and Professionalism

Schedule an initial call with your shortlisted advisers, we offer all initial inquiries a free 20 minute discussion to ascertain if we can help you and if not we'll sign post you to a reputable adviser who is better suited to your case requirements.

Prepare a list of questions related to your immigration needs and evaluate how well the adviser addresses your concerns. Discuss their fees and service packages, ensuring transparency in the cost structure. Pay attention to their communication skills and professionalism during the call.

We offer 3 package levels of service to our clients for more information about all our services visit our fees page.

VI. Understanding the Immigration Advisory Process

A. Explaining the Immigration Process Step by Step

B. Clarifying the Role of the Adviser at Each Stage

A reputable immigration adviser should be able to explain the immigration process step by step, outlining the necessary requirements and potential challenges. Clarify their role at each stage of the process to ensure a clear understanding of what to expect.

Visit our webpage WORKING WITH YOU which provides a comprehensive breakdown of how our immigration adviser will work with you each step of the way.

Also visit our post understand the differences between Immigration advisers, Immigration Lawyers, Solicitors and Barristers our article covers in more depth all levels of legal representation and at which stage you should consider appointing a different level of legal representative to help progress your case further.

VII. Ensuring Ethical and Transparent Practices

A. Understanding the Adviser's Code of Conduct

B. Avoiding Advisers Who Guarantee Outcomes

Choose an adviser who adheres to a strict code of conduct and ethical practices. Avoid advisers who guarantee specific outcomes, as immigration outcomes are subject to various eligibility factors based on the applicants individual circumstances which in certain circumstances our beyond an adviser's ability to control.

VIII. Handling Complex Immigration Cases

A. Assessing Experience with Challenging Cases

B. Identifying Solutions for Unique Circumstances

If your immigration case is complex, inquire about the adviser's experience in handling similar cases. A skilled adviser should be able to identify solutions tailored to your unique circumstances. In most cases, the most straight forward route tends to be the most appropriate. If your adviser indicates a long drawn out process including appealing against a possible refusal then consider who benefits the most financially out of representing your case? You or your legal representative? Reputable legal representatives shouldn't be afraid to suggest solutions you may initially find unpalatable or not what you expected.

IX. Comparing Fees and Affordability

A. Different Fee Structures among Advisers

B. Balancing Quality of Service with Cost

Compare the fees of different advisers and consider the value of the services they offer. While affordability is essential, prioritize the quality of service and expertise when making your decision also consider if VAT (Value Added TAX) has been added to your quote.

X. The Importance of Cultural Sensitivity in Immigration Advising

A. Recognizing and Respecting Diverse Cultures

B. Communicating Effectively Across Language Barriers

Immigration advisers must be culturally sensitive, recognizing and respecting the diverse backgrounds of their clients. Effective communication, especially across language barriers, is crucial to ensure a smooth exchange of information. If you need help in understanding ask what services they can offer such as translators or if you need to consider financial pressures do they suggest solutions that our more cost effective that will help you.

XI. The Role of Technology in Immigration Advising

A. Utilizing Digital Tools for Efficiency

B. Balancing Technology with Personalized Service

Modern immigration advisers often use digital tools to enhance efficiency in the immigration process. However, it is essential to find an adviser who strikes a balance between utilizing technology and providing personalized service.

XII. Ensuring Client-Adviser Compatibility

A. Considering Personal Rapport and Trust

B. Understanding the Adviser's Communication Style

Establishing a positive rapport and trust with your immigration adviser is essential for a successful working relationship. Consider the adviser's communication style and how well it aligns with your own preferences.

XIII. Staying Informed on Immigration Policy Changes

A. How Advisers Stay Updated on Immigration Rules

B. Adapting Strategies to Evolving Policies

Immigration rules and policies can change frequently. Ensure your chosen adviser stays informed about these changes and can adapt their strategies accordingly. Ask them about what they do CPD (Continuous Professional Development) wise to stay up to date on policy and changes within the rules. As members of the ILPA & OISC we regularly use there resources to remain up to date.

Visit our ABOUT website page to learn more about our own Immigration adviser.

XIV. Dealing with Red Flags and Warning Signs

A. Identifying Unethical Practices

B. Avoiding Advisers with Unrealistic Promises

Recognize red flags and warning signs of unethical practices, such as indicating they can help manufacture documentation you simply don't have or unrealistic to obtain. Avoid advisers providing guaranteed outcomes before they have even assessed your documentation.

XV. The Power of Testimonials and Success Stories

A. Learning from Previous Clients' Experiences

B. Assessing the Adviser's Track Record

Testimonials and success stories from previous clients can provide valuable insights into the adviser's track record and the outcomes they have achieved for others. We ask all our clients on completion of their applications process has completed to provide us with a review on Google you can find all of our Testimonials & reviews on Google Maps

XVI. Finalizing Your Decision: Selecting the Right Adviser

A. Weighing the Pros and Cons

B. Trusting Your Instincts

After considering all the factors indicated above, weigh the pros and cons of each immigration adviser and trust your instincts when making the final decision on who you choose to represent you.

XVII. Summary:

Navigating Your Immigration Journey with the Right Adviser by making sure you do your own initial investigations using the GOV.UK website. The UKVI website provides very basis information, providing a basis of possible application routes you can discuss further with an immigration adviser, Check who regulates them, which level of representation they practise, our they offering logical solutions that aren't overly complicated, providing guarantees or offering unrealistic promises! Check if they have Testimonials & Reviews given within the last 3-6 months and trust your own instincts about where you want to work with them or not.

XVIII. FAQs: Common Questions About Immigration Advisers

A. Are Immigration Advisers Worth the Cost?

Hiring an immigration advisor can provide numerous benefits throughout the immigration journey:

  • Expert Guidance: Having a deep understanding of the immigration system they can provide personalized guidance based on the client's unique circumstances.

  • Streamlined Process: They can organise and prepare all necessary documentation, minimizing any risk of errors or omissions that could lead to delays or refusals.

  • Increased Likelihood of Success: Using their knowledge and experience, immigration advisors can enhance the chances of a successful application outcome, ensuring compliance with all application requirements.

  • Time and Stress Savings: By handling complex paperwork and liaising with relevant authorities on behalf of the client, immigration advisors relieve individuals and businesses of the burden and stress associated with the application process.

B. How Long Does the Immigration Process Typically Take?

The duration of the immigration process can vary significantly depending on the type of visa application and applicants individual circumstances. Generally, standard entry clearance applications can take between a few weeks to couple of months depending on application route, wither or not you use expedited services.

Some factors that can affect the processing time include:

  1. Type of Visa/Immigration Application: Different visa categories or immigration routes may have varying processing times. For example, visitor visas or short-term visas are processed within 15 working days compared to pre-settlement or skilled work visas which take longer

  2. Country of Application: The country where you apply for the visa can also impact the processing time. Some countries may have more efficient immigration systems and faster processing times.

  3. Completeness of Application: Submitting a complete and accurate application with all required documents can help expedite the process. Incomplete applications may face delays as UKVI or their partners request additional information.

  4. Case Complexity: Complex cases, such as those involving family reunification, asylum, or appeals, generally take longer to process as they require more thorough examination.

  5. Visa Application Centre (VAC) Workload: The workload and capacity of the Visa Application Centre where you submit your application when applying from outside the UK can also influence processing times.

  6. Backlog and Processing Times of UKVI: Frequently, Home office experience backlogs or delays due to various reasons, which can affect processing times.

  7. Request for Additional Information: If UKVI caseworker requests further information this will add to the processing time.

It is essential to check the specific processing times for the visa category and from where you are applying. The processing times are usually available on the official UKVI website and Local partners respectively.

It is advisable to apply for your visa well in advance of your intended travel or move to allow sufficient time for processing. Additionally, seeking assistance from an immigration adviser or lawyer can help you understand the process better and increase the chances of a smooth and timely application.

C. Can Advisers Help with Visa Extensions and Permanent Residency Applications?

Yes all UK based Immigration advisers registered to provide level 1: Initial advice can submit all variations of leave to remain & leave to enter.

D. What Should I Do If I Have a Complaint Against an Adviser?

Contact the advisers Regulatory body, ask your representative to confirm who they are regulated with and contact them directly to make a complaint.


Navigating the path to immigration requires informed decisions and expert guidance. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can find the perfect immigration adviser near you who will assist you in achieving your immigration goals. Remember to prioritize credibility, expertise, communication, and cultural sensitivity when making your selection. With the right immigration adviser by your side, you can embark on your immigration journey with confidence and anticipation for a bright future in your new home.

Let's get your Journey Started today contact us now.

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