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Visitor visa applications: Basic requirements you need to meet:

Updated: 3 days ago

General Application Guidance: Basics You Need to Know

In reading this guide in full to the end you with have a basic understanding of the application requirements relating to visitor visa applications.

If you believe your application requirements are more complex and need help.

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Welcoming you to Great Britain

You may not need to apply in advance for a visa if you are coming to the UK for a short trip as some nationals are eligible to receive a VOA (Visa On Arrival) you can check if you are eligible to enter the UK without a visa from the GOV.UK website. If you have a criminal record or have previously been refused a visa you will need to apply before you travel.

When you apply for a tourist visa the UKVI (UK Visa & Immigration) or their local partner who operates a VAC (Visa Application Centre) on UKVI behalf will normally make the decision on your visa application. UK visitor visas are generally assessed on a single core application requirement which is broken down into 3 basic assessment criteria's.

  1. Demonstrate how strong your social ties our to country of origin / residence?

  2. What your employment status is?

  3. What accommodation you have to return home too?

To apply on your behalf for a visitor visa you need to meet the core application requirements indicated below.

To apply as a UK visitor:

What you need to demonstrate:

The financial requirements:

Things you can do & cant do:

How long can you stay:


To Receive a UK Visitor Visa Application:

  1. You're coming to the UK for tourism or to see family & friends

  2. You'll only do very limited business activities such as attending meetings

  3. You can undertake a short course of study

  4. You can take part in research or an exchange programme as an academic

  5. You can receive private medical treatment


What you need to demonstrate:

  1. You will leave the UK at the end of your visit

  2. You will not make UK your main home

  3. You will not live in the UK for extended periods by frequent or successive visits

  4. You can financially support yourself and any dependents during your trip

  5. You can use funding from someone else to support you to stay or leave the UK

  6. You have available funds to return home or continue any onward journey

  7. If you are undertaking any limited business or other activities in the UK you can evidence it is allowed within visitor visa rules


The financial requirements:

There isn't a specific amount of financial support you must demonstrate other than you can live within your means. The amount of financial support you will need will depend on several factors such as:

  • Your length of stay,

  • how much you spend on daily expenses & excursions

  • Any where else you plan to travel within the UK


Things you can do:

  • Visit friends & Family

  • Take excursions around the UK

  • Do recreational courses up to 30 days

  • Volunteer for up 30 days with a registered charity

  • attend meetings, conferences, trade fairs & negotiate contracts

  • take part in an exchange programme with a school or higher academic institute

  • Doctors & Dentist can take part in research, undertake or provide training

  • Study for up to 6 months with an accredited higher institute

  • Undertake short period of research relating to an overseas course of study

  • Receive medical treatment or participate in organ assessment & donation

Things you cant do:

  • Do any paid or unpaid work for a UK company

  • Work as a self-employed person

  • Live in the UK for prolonged periods of time through frequent visits

  • Claim any social benefits

  • Enrol on a course of study that's longer than 6 months


How long you can stay:

You usually can stay for up to 180 days (6 months) on a single visit. You can not switch out of a visitor visa once you are in the UK you must leave and reapply to come back into the UK through entry clearance.

If you receive a 2, 3 or 5 year visitor visa it's important not to stay longer than 180 days within your first calendar year from the date of entry as you will be refused re-entry again if you do.

Lets get your application started together

Disclaimer: The information provided above is for general purposes only relating to Immigration visa application procedures and these rules change regularly. I highly recommended you contact me directly for more in-depth advice and assistance. All enquiries receive a free initial application assessment to clarify how you meet the general application requirements of the above application route.

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